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Volunteer Application

1. Basics

2. Faith Background

Do you attend church regularly?
Are You A Member?

3. Criminal & Disciplinary Record

Because our mission & purpose as a Christian ministry is to bring hope, love & healing to young people & their families, it is of great importance that we endeavor at all times to build our team with people if the highest moral & spiritual character. To maintain our high standards, we must ask all applicants to be prepared to subject themselves to certain personal, employment & criminal background checks. For that purpose please answer the following questions:

1. Have you ever been convicted of a crime or violation other than a minor traffic infraction?
2. Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action, suspended, terminated or asked to leave a job or volunteer position by an employer or non-profit organization on the grounds that you engaged in child sexual abuse or neglect or other unlawful behavior or on the grounds that you violated an employers sexual misconduct or harassment policy?

4. Transportation

Please complete this section in the event we ask you to transport young people for STREETS 517 purposes.

Do you own a car?
Have you had any traffic violations/accidents within the past 3 years?
Individuals driving a personal vehicle for STREETS 517 are required to carry auto insurance in accordance with Michigan law. Do you meet this requirement?

5. References

Please list three persons, who are not related to you and are qualified to evaluate your capabilities and character. Only one of our 3 references can be from a current STREETS 517 leader. 

6. Acknowledgement

I certify that the statements/information I have made are true & correct. I understand that if accepted as a staff/volunteer, I will be required to abide by all STREETS 517’s policies, standards & regulations. I authorize STREETS 517 to investigate any information provided in this application and I agree to cooperate in such investigation. I consent to criminal and motor vehicle background checks from federal, state & local agencies. I hereby release STREETS 517 and all persons supplying information to STREETS 517 from all liability, claims for damages or responsibility whatsoever with respect to information supplies. I further authorize my current employer and references to speak freely to STREETS 517 representatives & provide whatever information is required. I hereby warrant that I have read & fully understand the foregoing & seek employment under these conditions of my own free will and in accordance with my own judgement. I understand that this is an application for employment & that no offer of employment is being hereby extended.

Thanks for submitting!

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