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Leaders In Training

Graduated? Now what?!?!

Life is full of many choices and after high school they only get more complicated. One thing never changes: God has called us all to serve Him.


The STREETS 517 Leader in Training (LIT) Program is committed to training and discovering wherever and however God wants to use you to serve. You will learn the basics of your faith, key leadership principles, and the heart behind why and how STREETS 517 exists.


The program runs from August thru July. It focuses on developing the individual into discovering and becoming the person God has created them to be. Obviously, the more time invested the greater the return on the investment. However, no matter what your level of commitment is, the goal doesn't change. As a family, the desire is for all to figure out the next step that God has called each member to.

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Leaders In Training (LIT) are young adults between the ages of 18 and 22 who desire to be a part of our leadership team, and who are interested in being developed as a leader. Typically, this is someone who has already been involved with STREETS 517 during their time as a student. The process in which we disciple LIT is different from that of other volunteers or mentors. This process of discipleship consists of three distinct values:  GROW / BELONG / SERVE

The culmination of these three values are what define STREETS LIT: individuals committed to developing ones-self through dedicated service as part of a wholistic community focused on engaging in authentic Christ sharing relationships with lost kids.

**Applications are due August 19

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