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Love Lansing


STREETS 517 Ministries is birthed out of a love and passion for not only the city of Lansing, but specifically the young people that are growing up within it. For years we have longed to see something in the city of Lansing specifically geared towards addressing the needs of a demographic that is often over looked, under-resourced and underserved. 

Our mission is to serve the urban and underserved teens of Lansing thru educational, mentoring, recreational and outreach programs

Our vision is to see the lives of Lansing’s teenagers be deeply transformed by Jesus for the sake of the world.

Our values are:

  • Love - We aim to grow deeply in our love for God, ourselves, and others

  • Transformation - We value deep, beneath-the-surface life transformation.

  • Diversity – We will always aim to authentically reflect the communities we serve

  • Place – Our place is Lansing. This city, these communities, and these schools. 

  • Relationships – Building lasting, resilient, Life-on-Life relationships between teenagers and adults 

  • Humility – We will be marked by our willingness and desire to serve, forgive, and collaborate

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